Why become a member?

  1. To create awareness within the family, especially within the youth about the values of Basava Philosophy
  2. To help your community and energize your life
  3. To get a sense of belonging to the Veerashaiva community
  4. For eligibility to vote and contest for the VSNA elections
  5. Tax deduction on contributions to VSNA and other charitable organizations via VSNA

How to become a member?

Fill the following application form and send it to Kiran Tavane – Treasurer along with the Cheque.


Send to:
Kiran Tavane
1024 Hollingswood Ct,
Naperville, IL 60564

Membership fee* of $50 per year per family.

VSNA celebrates seven functions in a year and a prasadam is served in most of the function.

Members can either pick one of the two options for event sponsorship*:

1) Sponsor the food &/or hall for any one of the events. They can sponsor all by themselves or they can sponsor as a group with other members. Please limit to 6 family sponsors per event.
2) Pay event sponsor fee of $250 per family for 2017 & 2018 & can specify the event to be sponsored.

Members can also pay towards optional Dasoha fund which will be used for charity purpose only.

* Please note that the Membership fee and event sponsorship is mandatory.

Please talk to any of the executive committee members if you have any questions and need more information.